Are you a Member of your Neighbourhood Watch?

Can you answer the above question with a resounding ‘Yes’?

Or, are you one of the many residents in the Simon’s Town/Glencairn area who are not even aware that there are Neighbourhood Watches (NHW)?

NeighbourhoodWatchLogoIt would be so wonderful if more residents joined a NHW in their area and got involved in the safety and security of their home, their property, their street, their neighbourhood and finally their town!  Often the comment is heard, ‘I pay taxes so that the police make sure that we are secure and safe. I don’t think it’s right that we as citizens do that!’

Unfortunately, those days are gone when a police force ensure we could all sleep safe in our beds at night!

Today, we are served by the South African Police Services (note, not Force) and our local Simon’s Town Police Station serves us to the very best of their ability!

However, this does not mean that we don’t have a responsibility to ensure that we and our families are safe, that our property isn’t secure and that we are not aware who our neighbours are!

We do!

Keeping Simon’s Town and Glencairn safe

So, what can we as a community do to make sure we continue to enjoy the kind of lifestyle we have here in the greater Simon’s Town area?  Because, if truth be told, you do live in an amazing part of the country, where, at the moment, we have a very low crime rate.

And it would be great if we could keep it that way!

But we can only do this if we join together to look out for each other as a community!

How do you get involved and what does it entail?

The Neighbourhood Watches (NHW) in the Simon’s Town Police Precinct are all run by volunteers who believe that ‘being the eyes and the ears’ of what happens in their community helps our local police station to serve us better.  And they encourage their members to do the same!

At the moment the NHW do not patrol streets or neighbourhoods, but there is a commitment to report all crime incidents, however insignificant, to the Simon’s Town Police Station on their 24/7 landline number – 021 786 8646 or 47 and to your Neighbourhood Watch coordinator.

Furthermore, members of the NHW are also asked to call the Police Station to report all suspicious incidents.  If you get a gut feeling in your stomach that something does not seem right, then we urge you to pick up the phone and call the Station.  In fact, right now, add the Station’s number to your contact list on your cell phone, so that it’s always near at hand.

So, are you convinced yet that you can do your bit to keep Simon’s Town and surrounds safe?

Why not e-mail with your first and last name, your physical address, your landline and cellphone number and the names of any other members of your household. Your details will be passed on to the NHW coordinator of your area and your e-mail will be added to a mailing list to receive information about crime incidents that have happened in your area and beyond.

Let’s keep Simon’s Town and beyond safe together!

Please let us know what you think.

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