Eat, Sleep, Shop & Play – Simon’s Town Promotional Map & Leaflet – book your advert now!

Our town map has successfully been circulated to 60,000 over the last 12 months but this season we aim to raise the bar!  We are preparing to extend the map into a highly informative and attractive brochure, combining the numerous attractions of the area with activities, where to eat, sleep and shop.

This will be extensively available to tour operators, guides, and visitors coming to Cape Town, especially those looking to the peninsula as their holiday base – this includes 200,000 monthly visitors who have named Cape Point as their number one destination. This is our target audience – we must get them to stop here and stay here to fully appreciate everything the area has to offer.

A lot of our marketing adequately provides information regarding the historical sites, restaurants, beaches, shops  etc but the aim is to persuade visitors that Simon’s Town should be the main  base for their Cape Town holiday. Every shop, historical site, museum, restaurant and activity  should be represented to make this the number one reference for all visitors. And everyone of them should in turn be able to use the brochure to book activities, meals and accommodation. By showcasing our businesses together in one vehicle we are proposing the case for visitors to make Simon’s Town their holiday base.Our aim is make 100,000 brochures available through Cape Town Tourism at the airport,city centre tourist office, other proven distributions channels and, of course, at every major spot in Simon’s Town. We have seen a growth in demand for information on the area in response to the promotional activities of the SBA who have been active on behalf of their members in association with The cost, for this kind of constant presence is deemed very fair compared to newspaper and comparable promotions.

The “ESSP” brochure has been redesigned and will follow a tried and tested format with space for every aspect of the area including icons, pictures, maps, logos and major historical gems, beaches and walks.

GET ON THE MAP – I have worked out that there should be space for everybody making this a valuable marketing tool.

STANDARD OPTION – R1250 each entry will be up to 75mm. We are suggesting that you include an image (it can be a picture/logo/icon/product example) with 30 to 45 words of text. Every entry will also have contact details which we are recommending to be;

– physical address
– email/web address
– contact number

I have put an example of the “look” for you to look at

You can choose to use your space in whichever way you think suits your business profile. If you want something else, bigger, smaller etc please email me and I’ll do my best to help.

The printing has been booked so we can turn this around very quickly. If you need help with any aspect of the creation process then please email me as soon as possible. If you need photos or copy there may be an extra charge.


DO THIS NOW – send a return email to book your space.

DO THIS BEFORE 22nd November –

send your image (logo,picture,log or icon) with

Your 25 words of text
– physical address
– email/web address
– contact number

If you have any further questions please feel able to email or sms me (I may not be free to take calls during working hours if I have customers with me) – and do it as soon as possible – I will have a lot of work to do to pull this together so I would appreciate everyone doing their bit now and not at the last minute! The printers are ready and waiting to have this in store for the summer holidays.

Margaret Silk
082 501 8930


Please let us know what you think.

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