Neighbourhood Watch News from the CPF

Murdoch Valley North NHW
During the last week of December the latest addition to the list of Neighbourhood Watches registered with the CPF in the Simon’s Town Precinct.  We welcome the Murdoch Valley North Neighbourhood Watch, whose Coordinator, Dominique Parker, has already been busy registering members as well as making a registery of holiday/unoccupied homes in this Watch area.  Dominique will be assisted by Jackie Duncan-Smith, who continues to do the communications to members.  If you would like to find out more on how a Neighbourhood Watch works or become a member of the MVN NHW, please e-mail Jackie

Froggy Farm NHW
After two years as acting Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Roy Burnie stepped down when Simon Braat offered to take over this position in the Froggy Farm Neighbourhood Watch. We thank Roy for his support during the period when no-one in the area was able to take over from him, and appreciate all the work he did to keep this watch going.  The ST CPF now wish Simon and Geoff Brunditt, who has taken on the position of assistant Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, well and look forward to receiving news on how this Watch is being developed.

Murdoch Valley South NHW
Look out for news on the formation of this Watch. If you live in the Murdoch Valley South area, send an e-mail to to become a member.

Glen Marine
Unfortunately, this area above the cemetry and old Marine Factory, does not as yet have a Neighbourhood Watch.  Is there anyone in this suburb who would be willing to start a Watch?  You will receive all the help you need to set it up and ongoing support from the CPF.

The above is an extract from CPF Newsletter No 5 issued by Aliet Pelt,Chairperson CPF.


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