Simon’s Town Sector 1 NHW Report Back

Simon’s Town Sector 1 Crime Sub-Forum (Neighbourhood Watches) – 12 February 2014

Residential break-ins up

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Residential house break-ins went up from 1 to 15 during the period 8th January and 11th February.  They are happening all over the valley, but you are asked, especially with the warm weather, not to leave windows without burglar bars open and to set your alarms at night.  Also, please do not leave anything (such as wallets, keys, laptops, iPad or tablets – small valuable items) within an arm’s or pole’s length from open windows and doors (even with security doors).  It seems that these criminals are out to get small items which are easily disposed of/sold on to buy drugs!  So, please be aware and report any incident to the police insisting on an OB (Occurrence Book) number when you do and also a case no. (you will need to give a statement) so that the crime gets investigated.  Getting an OB no. will ensure that it is written in the Occurrence Book.  Also, when reporting suspicious incidents, insist that you are given an OB no.!

Land Invasions – be alert

You are asked to be on the look-out for any land invasions in our area, especially on large open areas.  It is imperative that you report this to the police immediately as a shack which is not demolished within 24hrs can not be taken down!  If you suspect any unusual activity on a plot or land close to you, please call the Simon’s Town Police on 021 786 8646 immediately!

Hi-jacking in Cape Town on the increase

Finally, please be aware that hi-jacking incidents has gone up dramatically in the Cape Metropole, from 1 to 22 in the past couple of weeks.  Police have asked residents to be very aware of their surroundings when driving anywhere in the City!  The exact modus operandi is unknown at this time, but if any further information become available, I will pass it on.

Please let us know what you think.

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