Baboon Management: Contract Renewal

Dear Residents,

The baboon management contract, currently held by Human Wildlife Solutions, is due to expire at the end of July 2014. The tender process is in progress to appoint a service provider but time is running short and up to now we have heard no word from the baboon authorities.

All of us want to be assured that there will be a team in place come 1 August 2014 to ensure that the baboons are kept under control and we do not revert to a state of human-baboon conflict as in the past.

The  Baboon Liaison Group (BLG) ,therefore, emailed the City raising their concerns on behalf of our communities and has received a response from Osman Asmal, Director, Environmental Resource Management Department.

Mr Asmal in his response stated : “Thank you for sharing your concerns with the City. The various concerns you express below have been considered as part of the process to date.

 This process, to have the baboon management tender contract awarded, is well underway and a decision on the matter will be finalised and communicated after the 22 July.

Until the new tender is awarded, provision is being made to have the existing tender extended so that there is no disruption in services on the ground”.

The BLG will inform communities as soon as we hear from the City after 22 July 2014.

Lorraine Holloway
Baboon Liaison Group,Greater Simon’s Town
Cell:083 208 5089




5 thoughts on “Baboon Management: Contract Renewal

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    • Thank you. The Baboon Liasion Group will keep the community up to date regarding the baboon mnagement contract.

      Lorraine Holloway

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  3. We are looking forward to welcomes who ever took over the baboon contract as a service provider .

    • Thank you Bongani. Human Wildlife Solutions have been re-appointed as the baboon management service provider. We look forward to their continued good service.
      Lorraine Holloway
      Baboon Liaison Group

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