Special STCA meeting


When: Thursday, 28 August 2014
Where: Simon’s Town Town Hall
Time: 19.30 hrs

All residents of Glencairn and Simon’s Town are encouraged to attend a presentation and discussion on key issues, which impact on our area and the importance of having an active Civic Association.

We will discuss the question: “How vulnerable is our area?”  We have chosen to live in this beautiful part of the Peninsula and every day are able to enjoy all that makes this area so special. But are we aware of possible threats to what we value here?

This meeting will discuss key issues, which impact on our area and the importance of having an active Civic Association. The meeting will appoint a new Civic Association Executive Committee to take a lead in working with the authorities to protect and enhance the rich assets of Simon’s Town and Glencairn.

If you care about where you live, come and participate in the discussion. Bring your neighbours along too.

For further information: General Meeting 2014 poster

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