Glencairn Heights Neighbourhood Newsletter

The festive season is upon us and criminal activity will increase as people leave their homes for their annual holiday.

As a Neighbourhood watch we need a clearly defined strategy.  With the help of a few members we came up with a 3 phase strategy.  This is a long term plan with goals that cannot all be implemented immediately. The following is a short synopsis of the proposed strategy.

GCH fire

Phase 1
1)  Creating awareness – early in December we will be distributing flyers to all residents in the area.
2)  A core patrolling team must be established for day and night time patrols.
3)  Dedicated 24hr hotline will be implemented.
4)  Signboards for properties on the fire break perimeter are being developed – Please come forward if you are situated on one of these properties and are willing to mount the signboard on the outside of your wall or fence.
5)  The only road access to Glencairn Heights is Birkenhead Road. The current sign board will be replaced.

Phase 2
Radios – a fast and effective communication tool.
We need 20 members of the watch to complete training hosted by the Department of Community Safety (DOCS) to qualify for a substantial contribution in terms of radios. We would qualify for 20 analogue and 1 digital radio. Please email the NHW if you are interested in completing this training.

Phase 3
Camera surveillance – to have a visual record of criminal activity in the area.
This phase will require fund raising.

All 3 phases mentioned above will be discussed in detail during the upcoming Glencairn Heights Neighbourhood Watch meeting.  Details below. This meeting is not to be confused with the monthly CPF NHW Sector 1 meetings.

Going forward all Glencairn Heights Neighbourhood meetings will be held at the False Bay Gun Club in the quarry.  If directions to the venue are required please contact the watch via sms or email.

For those members who make use of the WhatsApp group.  If the notification ping on the group is problematic, please consider the option of turning the notifications off in the settings rather than leaving the group.  If new members would like to join the WhatsApp group please send an SMS to 084 521 7521.

The last meeting for the year is to be held on the 3rd of December at the False Bay Gun Club at 19:00. Please join us and bring a neighbour.

Look forward to seeing you all there.

WhatsApp Group:  084 521 7521
Administrator:  Madelein Riley

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