Making a Blog Contribution

Would you or your organisation like to contribute to Round & About, please do not hesitate to contact the blog administrator below. The blog is run by volunteers from the various stakeholders, who are not in a position to help you write your contribution. So please submit a fully written blog post, which we will happily check and edit for you. However, we have some rules that ALL blog contributions should follow, which are essential to keep our blog fresh, crisp and interesting to the community.

Round & About blog contribution submission guidelines:

  • A blog post should be on average about 250-300 words long.
  • A blog post should tell a story that is of interest to the local community, is newsworthy, relevant, and current.
  • Be creative, think outside the proverbial box. Write e.g. from your personal perspective. Just details of an event’s date, place & time will not grab people’s imagination.
  • If you feel your writing skills are lacking, tell a story through pictures.
  • The blog does not serve as a platform for commercial advertising,so if you would like to promote your local business, you will need to do this indirectly by telling a story. We can then put a link to your business’ website in the article. A good example of how to go about this is the Coastal Forum’s blog, on the whale calf that was born in False Bay, making a subtle reference to the Simon’s Town Boat Company.
  • A blog post should contain at least one picture.
  • Pictures should be no bigger than 1000 x 500 pxl and a max file size of 400 KB
  • Pictures should not have ANY copyright issues, so please use your own pictures.
  • Please submit your ideas below and one of our blog administrators will get back to you as soon as possible.