About Simon's Town Coastal Forum

The Simon’s Town Coastal Forum gives a voice to the aspirations of all people, who appreciate and value the magnificent setting of the coastal environment surrounding Simon’s Town.

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle – Keynote presentation at the Energy Innovation Summit – “No Blue, No Green”

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle – Explorer in Residence of the National Geographic Society and Founder, Mission Blue

Members of the Simon’s Town Coastal Forum had the privilege to attend Dr. Earle’s talks during her visit to South Africa last year.

Her messages, and her work with Mission Blue ( http://mission-blue.org/ ), are a constant inspiration to all who care for our oceans, and marine-life in general.

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Marine Protected Areas

Due to various and increasing threats to marine ecosystems globally, the calls to manage and protect vast areas of the ocean are growing louder.

This informative article was released by PEW in October:
A Rising Tide: A Statement of Support by Scientists for the Designation of the First Generation of Great Marine Parks Around the Globe.

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Robots in the Ocean

The oceans of the world are remarkably under-explored, but this situation is changing as undulating sea gliders are starting to be deployed that can be guided on their journey within the ocean, whilst collecting measurements  and transmitting the results back  to home base.

Sea gliders were gathering information on underwater conditions whilst Superstorm Sandy struck the coast of New England. Not all of them survived the experience, but the knowledge gained will be used in helping future hurricane predictions.


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The Wreck of the Brunswick

In 1805, the English East Indiaman, the Brunswick, was captured by the French off Port du Galle, Ceylon and brought across the Indian Ocean as a prize to Simon’s Town, then in Dutch and French hands. On 2 September, the anchor cables parted under a south-east gale and the ship ran aground in 10 metres of water on the west side of Simon’s Bay (near to where the Redhill Road meets the coast). Its cargo of sandalwood was recovered and sold, and the wreck was then left to the mercy of the sea.

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The Annual Penguin Festival


The Annual Penguin Festival will be hosted at TMNP (Table Mountain National Park) Boulders Penguin Colony on 12 October 2013 (10h00 to 14h00).

The festival aims to raise awareness about our coastline and natural environment, in particular the Endangered African Penguin.

Endangered African Penguin

Endangered African Penguin

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White shark encounter at the Clan Stuart – 14th September

Clare and Tony Lindeque run a scuba diving school and boat charter (Learn to Dive) from their home in Sun Valley.

The amazing account below, of an encounter with a great white shark, was shared extensively on Facebook, and we are thrilled to give you more background into the story.

Thank you for the info Clare Lindeque !

“On Saturday the 14th September; a group of four Russian tourists (all very experienced divers) and two local divers were on Tony’s boat for some dives. Their second dive was at the Clan Stuart dive site, which is usually done as a shore entry across the beach but because of the large swell on Saturday they dived from the boat.

Seconds into the dive a great white shark appeared from further down the wreck and circled the divers twice before swimming off. One of the Russian divers, Vladislav Tomshinskiy, had the great presence of mind to film the shark as it swam past the second time.


(video credit: Vladislav Tomshinskiy)

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Reminder: Ocean Clean-up Dives – Saturday 21st September


False Bay Yacht Club will be the venue for this year’s Ocean Clean-up Dives.
Plastics SA will be their main partner and sponsors like Pick n Pay and Reef are already lined up for some goodies and refreshments.


False Bay Yacht Club – Simon’s Town

Where: False bay Yacht Club parking area, Simon’s Town
When: Saturday 21st September 2013 from 08h00-11h00.

Registration from 08h00-08h30.
08h45-09h00 : Divers will enter the water for a maximum of one hour clean-up dive, and out of water by 10h30 at the latest.
Hang around when you come out of the water, as prize giving is at 11h00.

Please register beforehand and email your name and contact details to info@omsac.co.za and use “2013 clean-up” as a subject.

OMSAC & FBUC will be joining forces. OMSAC contact will be Carel van der Colff and FBUC Lindy-Lou Love.

(Image : Sharon Martin)

New Marine Pollution Inspectorate

There is a rumour that a new marine pollution inspectorate is being formed.

The opportunity to make use of the considerable experience of certain charismatic marine megafauna is being considered by the authorities.

Preliminary results from a pilot project, already underway in the Naval Harbour in Simon’s Town, are very encouraging.

In the photograph, one of the inspectors is celebrating the cleanliness of the ocean environment within the harbour, with a characteristic jump for joy!

Whale in ST Harbour Thanks to Peter Smith for passing on the photo .

International Ocean Clean-up Day

Are you a diver and want to take part in this year’s International Ocean Clean-up day? Please continue reading and help Simon’s Town Marina to keep their Blue Flag status.

False Bay Yacht Club will be the venue for this year’s Ocean Clean-up Dives. Plastics SA will be their main partner and sponsors like Pick n Pay and Reef are already lined up for some goodies and refreshments.

This could be you!!!

This could be you!!!

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