Know your SBA

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Members of the Simon’s Town Business Association (SBA) benefit from various marketing activities that aim to increase area awareness and the number of visitors to support local businesses.

  • Area map & promo leaflets with members adverts
  • Town Festival
  • Monthly Community Market
  • Just Nuisance Birthday
  • Art on the Square
  • Penguin Promises Waddle
  • Networking Events
  • Solve member issues
  • Marketing of events in local newspapers, banners, posters, leaflets, social media, signage
  • ”Dress up the Town”

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Area and Business Marketing

Achievements include:

  • Developing, printing and distribution of an area map and promotional leaflets with advertising space for members
  • Designing and erecting area signs in town and at the station
  • Organising, collaborating and supporting numerous events, such as the Spring Festival, Just Nuisance Birthday Celebrations, Art on the Square, monthly community market, Penguin Waddle Welcome, members networking events
  • Educational day with tour operators to showcase all Simon’s Town has to offer
  • Writing and publishing information to promote events and activities in local community newspapers, newsletter, blog, promotional leaflets, poster, banners, facebook, websites and other digital media.

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Only members are mentioned and can advertise in area promotional material such as maps, signs and brochures developed by the Business Association. These are all relatively costly if done by individual businesses, but by combining resources and sharing advertising space, it makes it more affordable with more benefits for all. SBA members also have the opportunity to participate in all Association projects via public meetings and joining committees to e.g. organise events.

A Forum to deal with Issues that affect your Business

The SBA works with relevant parties to deal with numerous issues that affect businesses in the area. These include street cleaning, refuse collection, ATM crime, parking, road and traffic issues, street lighting, business and visitor safety and more.

Security: The SBA co-ordinates contributions that ensure that a private security officer is employed to patrols the area to ensure business and visitor safety.

The local Ward Councilor plays an active roll in the SBA. Members are welcome to send issues with services provided by the City of Cape Town via email or discuss these with a committee member. Most issues have been resolved with the relevant department.

Contact with other Businesses

The SBA has developed and maintains an up-to-date database of local businesses. This aims to increase communication and interaction between local businesses. Members can request a list of all members as well as contact details for particular businesses.

Email addresses are not distributed but members can request to have information included and distributed to other members via the monthly e-newsletter or sent out on a separate email if relevant.

The SBA provides networking opportunities for members to get to know one another better. Members are encouraged to support and refer business to each other.

Collaboration between Local Bodies

The SBA is actively working to ensure collaboration between local bodies as well as the alignment of their key activities for the good of the area. These organisations include the Simon’s Town Civic Association, Community Police Forum, STADCO, Simon’s Town Museum, and others.

A blog “Round & About: Glencairn to Simon’s Town and beyond” has been developed in collaboration with all these organisations as a central platform for information to be shared with members and each other.

Keep up to date with Local News

A monthly electronic newsletter, Just News, is emailed to all members to keep them up to date with local news and activities. This is publication is collated, written and sent by the SBA and shared with websites across the peninsula.