Meet your Far South Election Candidates before you vote

There is a meeting scheduled to have Far South election candidates introduce themselves and answer questions on:

Date: Tuesday 26th July

Time: 18h30 – 21h00

Place: King of Kings Hall off Buller Louw Rd Sun Valley opp Shell garage

Take advantage of this opportunity and join this important meeting.



The recent Gatvol Petition was signed by over 4000 Far South residents.  We are all totally frustrated by the traffic congestion within, and in and out of our area, as it negatively impacts our daily lives.  The City has acknowledged that utilisation of Ou Kaapse Weg has exceeded capacity.  Yet the authorities continue to approve ever more development in the area targeting upper and middle income buyers.

Quoting the City’s own District Plan: “major new developments in the far south sub-district must be dependent on the availability of sufficient and adequate service infrastructure for the sub-district as a whole and to this extent Traffic Impact Assessments (TIAs) on major new developments should take into consideration traffic impacts …on key access routes out of the valley, and particularly Ou Kaapse Weg”.

Riverside Glen Extension (the first 107 of 400 houses) in Kommetjie has recently been approved based on a Regional Traffic Impact Assessment which does not meet the requirements of our District Plan. Right of appeal was denied.  The Kommetjie Residents and Ratepayers Association (KRRA) have recognised that, if this development is allowed to go ahead, it will set a precedent that will open the flood gates for further development. There are already more than 4000 new dwelling units approved in the Far South, over 3200 of which are developer-driven new upper and middle class homes; and there are several thousand more in the pipeline.

Previous objections to irresponsible development have been ignored by the City. There has been no response from the Mayor as yet to the Gatvol Petition. It is now clear that the only way to get the City to follow its own plans and protect its own interests is to take legal action. The KRRA have obtained legal advice which indicates that there are reasonable prospects of a legal challenge succeeding.

As this issue affects us all, the Far South Peninsula Community Forum has undertaken to support the KRRA and assist in bringing this to the attention of all Far South residents.  Legal costs are estimated at R350,000. Taking the crowd-sourcing model, we appeal to all to make a contribution, with a deadline of end July 2016.

Think of the future. Think of it with another 4000 ++ homes in our area – another 8000 cars on the roads. And the schools? The clinics? The social services? Law enforcement?  This is our only chance to stop irresponsible development which benefits developers, and costs the rest of us time, money and health. How much are you prepared to invest to protect our area from the irrevocable chaos that results from over development?   We owe it to ourselves and our children.

Donations by end July to:
Far South Peninsula Community Forum (FSPCF)
A/c number: 374216428;   Standard Bank Fish Hoek;
Bank code 036009 for deposits
Bank code 051001 for electronic payments
Reference: Your surname, Gatvol.
Email:  for a receipt

You can read more on the facts behind this campaign HERE and
traffic and  infrastructure facts HERE.

Letterhead FSPCF

The New Simon’s Town Community Flag


For 90 years and until 1996 when the Simon’s Town municipality became part of a Greater South Peninsula, the municipal flag containing the registered arms (see below) of the town flew over it. In 1996, the arms and flag were transferred to the Simon’s Town Historical Society.

When STADCO assumed control of Jubilee Square and the Jetty to operate on behalf of the Cape Town Metropole, permission was granted to them to fly the old flag on Jubilee Square as an identifying symbol.

New Flag

Because of the intricate design, the cost of replacement flag became too expensive and it was felt the formal device was not recognisable to most residents or visitors. In fact it was supposed to be based on the arms of Simon van der Stel after whom we are named but was later discovered to be those of his son Willem Adrian who was discredited after his term of office!

It was thus decided to design a new and more representative, but heraldically correct, flag that would not only be flown on Jubilee Square but would be a community flag that any business or resident could share and would promote pride in the community and be a unique identity for a community that still sees itself as a town rather than just a part of Cape Town.

This process took a year with the major community organisations such as the ST Civic Association, the ST Business Association, the ST Historic Society and the ST Community Police Forum being approached for comment and approval.

The flag has now been flown with the National Flag on Jubilee Square since July 2015.

Top two cantons form Municipal arms while anchor represents Navy influence and presence with Roman Rock light as unique symbol.

Due to a number of requests, these flags may now be ordered through the STADCO Office on the Square and are available in two sizes; Standard (180mm x 90mm) and Storm (90mm x 60mm) – prices on request). In addition, bumper stickers and small fridge magnets displaying the flag are available at the STADCO Office for R10-R20 depending on size.

As the flag belongs to the community, businesses (including guest houses) can order their own stock to sell, direct from the supplier.

It is hoped that this simple flag will promote a greater pride in the community, promote the town and even contribute to our economic activity.

New Flag


Snake Season is here

Snake Season is here
The cold wet winter has come to an end and snakes have come out of hibernation so please be aware and heed the advice given by Reptile Education Awareness Consultants (REAC) who promote snake awareness.

Cape Cobra W Cape

Cape Cobra W Cape

Why are snakes important?
Snakes are an important natural balance in our environment controlling the vermin like rodents and other disease-carrying pests we find around our properties.

What to do if you encounter a snake
Do not attempt to capture or disturb it, just keep an eye on it and contact REAC to remove the animal so it can be returned to the wild.

The sight of a snake frightens most people, but, as a general rule, snakes are just as frightened of you as you are of them. Often they move as quickly as possible in the opposite direction. Snakes will only defend themselves if threatened and will not attack anyone who leaves them alone.

Do snakes cause damage to property?
No, snakes do not cause damage to property

How do you keep snakes off your property?
There is no real way of keeping snakes off your property, but if you keep your grass cut short, trees well trimmed and clean up all your building rubble, just to mention a few, then there is less likelihood that snakes will be attracted or remain on your property. In short, keep your garden tidy.

Who can you call if there is a snake on my property?
If you encounter a snake on your property contact Shaun Macleod , Director of REAC immediately on Cell 082 532  5033. There is no call out fee but a donation towards the cost of fuel would be most welcome.

If you would like to engage with Shaun his email address is:

“Snakes may be scary to some, but every living thing on the planet has a purpose.Stand back and admire them, see them for their beauty and magnificence. They need and deserve our help and respect.”

Click on the links below for more valuable  information about snakes:

Cape Peninsula App launched

Over a cool glass of Sauvignon blanc and scrumptious cheese platters, we were introduced yesterday afternoon to the new and innovative Cape Peninsula App at the gorgeous Cape Point Vineyards in Noordhoek.

Cape Point Vineyard cheese platters

The free Cape Peninsula App is the brainchild of Simon’s Town business woman and Mariner Guesthouse owner, Liesel Coetzer (see photo below). She realised that mobile technology is changing the world of travel and therefore the way that we need to conduct business. Our websites need to be responsive, we need to get to grips with social media, like Facebook and Twitter, and make sure that our guests have free WiFi available at all times.

Brochures have become a feature of the past. They are expensive, need updating all the time, and run out at the most inconvenient times. Liesel understands that her guests want to know e.g. where to eat out or where to go for land and ocean based activities, and want this information at their fingertips.

Liesel Coetzer Mariner GH

The vast majority of tourists travel with their mobile devices these days and hence the idea to create a mobile App for Simon’s Town was born. However, it quickly grew into a Cape Peninsula wide phenomenon, including Hout Bay. This digital concierge holds information on accommodation, activities, restaurants, travel services, events, properties, and even a range of maps, as well as a booking function. Even Cape Town residents may find some quirky places they didn’t know about through the Cape Peninsula App!

Launch Cape Peninsula App

The Cape Peninsula App can be downloaded for FREE here or from your mobile app store and is available for any smartphone and tablet. Once you or your guests have downloaded the App to your mobile devise, free updates are available, whenever applicable. You can also scan the below QR code to download the App.

Did you know that 35% of travellers make use of mobiles Apps to find hotels?

If you would like more information and have your business listed on the Cape Peninsula App, please contact Veronica Wolmarans.

Cape Peninsula App

Sea-Change presentation by Craig Foster

Coming up an exciting presentation by Craig Foster on his Sea-Change project. Most of us are well aware of our unique Fynbos heritage, but right hereon out doorstep in False Bay, Craig has documented our diverse marine legagcy and its contribution to the development of modern humans!

Where: Simon’s Town Museum
When: 25th November 2014
Time: 17.30 hrs
Cost: R20 per ticket (includes a free glass of wine or juice)

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL: Please ring 021 786 3046 to secure your place.

Sea Change Web - 12
“The most powerful and important part of human history took place on the south coast of South Africa in the middle stone. This place of ours is the original home of every human alive today. Human traits formed here, still form the original human design to which we all are deeply attached. Yet most schools and museums hardly look at it. That’s because it’s hard to imagine and hard to feel emotionally. Now a team of the world’s top photographers, filmmakers and scientists have brought this extraordinary part of history to life through images, film and new discoveries.

Every South African child and adult can be proud of our unique and powerful heritage that literally shaped the lives of all humanity…. These ancient African pioneers were innovative and skilled beyond our wildest dreams…..

Sea-Change is a unique project combining cutting-edge documentary photography with multiple fields of scientific study. In doing so, we have formed a new vision for human evolution, a new vision for the role that African consciousness has played in the great human story, as well as having discovered a number of new species and new animal behaviours, previously unknown to science.

This is the first project of its kind in the world – combining the world’s top natural history and ethnographic photographers and filmmakers with the world’s top scientists from a broad spectrum of scientific knowledge…..”

Please join us for a truly fascinating experience!

CAPE PENINSULA MOBILE-APP LAUNCH 3 Nov, 4pm-6pm at Cape Point Vineyards

Do you want to learn more about Digital Marketing and Responsible Tourism?

Do you know that 85% of leisure travelers make use of their smartphone while abroad, while half of these travelers make use of Mobile Apps to find accommodation, activities and restaurants?

“Smartphones have transformed how consumers engage with entertainment, work and each other. For marketers, mobile presents an incredible opportunity for connecting with consumers wherever they are—on the go or at home.” – Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association.

Make sure to attend the Launch of the new Cape Peninsula Mobile-App on the 3rd of November 2014, 4pm – 6pm, at Cape Point Vineyards Restaurant. (RSVP by 25 Oct: )

For more information, visit or get the free download from your Mobile App Store.

Be aware ‘Stop – Go’ Traffic 1st to 4th September 2014

Please note that there will be a “Stop-Go” between the Kalk Bay Harbour and Dale Brook place from Monday, 1st of September 2014 to Thursday, 4th September 2014 in order for the contractor to lay new asphalt in the road sections that were affected by the works on the new water main.

Chand Environmental Consultants

Tel: (021) 762 3050