The New Simon’s Town Community Flag


For 90 years and until 1996 when the Simon’s Town municipality became part of a Greater South Peninsula, the municipal flag containing the registered arms (see below) of the town flew over it. In 1996, the arms and flag were transferred to the Simon’s Town Historical Society.

When STADCO assumed control of Jubilee Square and the Jetty to operate on behalf of the Cape Town Metropole, permission was granted to them to fly the old flag on Jubilee Square as an identifying symbol.

New Flag

Because of the intricate design, the cost of replacement flag became too expensive and it was felt the formal device was not recognisable to most residents or visitors. In fact it was supposed to be based on the arms of Simon van der Stel after whom we are named but was later discovered to be those of his son Willem Adrian who was discredited after his term of office!

It was thus decided to design a new and more representative, but heraldically correct, flag that would not only be flown on Jubilee Square but would be a community flag that any business or resident could share and would promote pride in the community and be a unique identity for a community that still sees itself as a town rather than just a part of Cape Town.

This process took a year with the major community organisations such as the ST Civic Association, the ST Business Association, the ST Historic Society and the ST Community Police Forum being approached for comment and approval.

The flag has now been flown with the National Flag on Jubilee Square since July 2015.

Top two cantons form Municipal arms while anchor represents Navy influence and presence with Roman Rock light as unique symbol.

Due to a number of requests, these flags may now be ordered through the STADCO Office on the Square and are available in two sizes; Standard (180mm x 90mm) and Storm (90mm x 60mm) – prices on request). In addition, bumper stickers and small fridge magnets displaying the flag are available at the STADCO Office for R10-R20 depending on size.

As the flag belongs to the community, businesses (including guest houses) can order their own stock to sell, direct from the supplier.

It is hoped that this simple flag will promote a greater pride in the community, promote the town and even contribute to our economic activity.

New Flag


The Simon’s Town Music Festival 2014

This year sees the launch of the Simon’s Town Music Festival . 

This festival is being organised by conductor & composer Steven van der Merwe and a team of enthusiastic volunteers,and is supported by the Simon’s Town Business Association, SBA, the Simon’s Town Amenities Development Company, STADCO, and the Simon’s Town Civic Association.

On the weekend 19 to 21 September 2014, Simon’s Town extends an invitation to all to join us for a weekend of music, from classic through jazz to rock..

Three days of world class musical acts, combined with the village’s local attractions and activities, will be sure to keep friends and family happy, inspired, busy and engaged, and you are encouraged to stay for a night or for the weekend.

Go to the festival website for all the information, including links to the facebook page, and detail on where to buy tickets.

Spring will be celebrated through various activities in the week following the music festival weekend.


Film shoot at Long Beach, Simon’s Town: Thursday 14 Nov ’13

This notice serves to inform Simon’s Town residents that this week, on either Thursday 14th or Friday 15th November, the filming of part of the television series “SAF3”, will continue on Long Beach.

In this story the rescue team has to deal with an “Independence Day” fireworks demonstration that goes wrong. The barge on which the fireworks are based catches alight and the SAF3 team have to rush to their aide.

For this scene we have a barge on which we will stage the “fire”.

This will be surrounded and assisted by a flotilla of commercially qualified technical support team. Continue reading

Parking in Jubilee Square Made Easy

Jubilee Square Parking Discs

Free 20 minute parking discs for 2014 are now available at the STADCO Parking Office. A once-off fee of R25 provides free parking all year for 20 minute periods enabling residents to collect their mail or carry out chores in Town without the hassle of going to the Parking Office each time.




STADCO: Keeping up Appearances from Glencairn to Simon’s Town

From Ian Allen, Simon’s Town Amenities and Development Co.

Annual winter maintenance is in full swing with the painting of walls, cannon, anchors etc including the wall outside the Naval Museum, the renovation of the wall at the whale viewing site at Glencairn and the renovation and provision of new signage on the plinth at the bottom of Clan Stewart street in Glencairn Heights.

Financial assistance has been provided to the Simon’s Town Museum to cover the cost of moving the “Cornwall” stone from the mountainside to the ramp garden on Jubilee Square. The ship’s badge sculpted thereon in 1946 will be restored to its original colours very shortly.

While daily cleaning of the streets and regular cleaning of the historical lanes continues together with maintenance of the town gardens we have upped our monthly contribution to the town policing to R2000 per month. All this from the ongoing support for paid parking on Jubilee Square which also provides employment for 10 disadvantaged people.

We encourage you to inspect the considerable improvements to the Town Jetty largely paid for by funds raised by STADCO by way of mooring and sundry fees. More on that next month.