New Marine Pollution Inspectorate

There is a rumour that a new marine pollution inspectorate is being formed.

The opportunity to make use of the considerable experience of certain charismatic marine megafauna is being considered by the authorities.

Preliminary results from a pilot project, already underway in the Naval Harbour in Simon’s Town, are very encouraging.

In the photograph, one of the inspectors is celebrating the cleanliness of the ocean environment within the harbour, with a characteristic jump for joy!

Whale in ST Harbour Thanks to Peter Smith for passing on the photo .


HMS Argyll


The HMS Argyll, a Royal Navy Frigate, is in port and will be staying for several weeks, whilst the ship undergoes maintenance and the crew gets a well-deserved break.

Visiting ships are very important to the health and wealth of our town. The ships crew have already been cycling, hiking and paddling, and the Facebook pages have been buzzing with positive comments.