Time spent out of town

When HWS took on the management of the Cape Town baboons in August 2012, there were many habitually raiding males in virtually every troop. Although the baboon troops very quickly responded to the management with paintball markers, the habitually raiding males were less easy to contain and all regions, particularly Tokai and Constantia, suffered from having males moving almost at will through the urban areas.  Through various management actions this situation has been mostly addressed, and although there are still some raiding males in a few troops, overall the troops stay out of town for more then 90% of the time (see graph). From a management point of view, if the troops can be kept out of the urban area for well over 95% of the time (last few months for all troops except Misty Cliffs Splinter) and if the males only raid with the troops, then effectively all the baboons will be kept of out town most of the time and the cycle of teaching younger baboons to raid can be broken.

Annual percentages

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