Human Wildlife Solutions

Human Wildlife Solutions

Human Wildlife Solutions (HWS) aim is to ensure a sustainable wildlife, where the animals’ welfare is of prime consideration. To this end HWS ensure that wildlife and humans do not clash by using various well-researched, scientific and proven methods in order to safely establish a boundary between wildlife and humans.

HWS is the service provider to City of Cape Town for baboon management in the Cape Town area, and more specifically, in Constantia /Tokai and the far South Peninsula. The aim of baboon management is to prevent human-wildlife conflict by keeping baboons away from the urban edge and thereby ensuring the sustainable conservation of our wildlife and the health and safety of people in the area. The tender with the City of Cape Town requires the use of innovation, technology and new ideas in order to achieve this goal.

Prevention of human-wildlife conflict is achieved by using various techniques, including the use of aversive methods, deterrents, fencing, herding, public education and awareness programmes, as well as the tagging and monitoring troop movement through the use of remote radio telemetry, satellite and GPS collars.