Death of two juvenile baboons -Simon’s Town Troops

Just enjoying life

Just enjoying life

Two  juvenile baboons,one from the Da Gama Park troop and one from the Waterfall troop have died during July,2015. The Da Gama juvenile was shot through the heart with a pellet gun in the naval residential area of Da Gama Park. Cape Nature carried out an investigation but without evidence and witnesses the case could not be taken forward for prosecution.

The Waterfall juvenile was reported injured at the S A Naval Ammunition Depot (SANAD) . After medical examination the baboon was euthanased due to the severity of its injuries. The examination indicated that the injuries were consistent with human abuse. Requests to SANAD for an investigation of this case are awaiting a response,but every effort will be made to establish the facts of this incident.

It is illegal to hurt, harm or kill a baboon in terms of the law and such actions can result in prosecution and the payment of stiff fines. 

Communities are requested to report any abuse of baboons or feeding of baboons to the Baboon Hotline 071 588 6540.

If you want to know more about baboons view the baboon website:

Baboon Liaison Group,Greater Simon’s Town

Film shoot at Long Beach, Simon’s Town: Thursday 14 Nov ’13

This notice serves to inform Simon’s Town residents that this week, on either Thursday 14th or Friday 15th November, the filming of part of the television series “SAF3”, will continue on Long Beach.

In this story the rescue team has to deal with an “Independence Day” fireworks demonstration that goes wrong. The barge on which the fireworks are based catches alight and the SAF3 team have to rush to their aide.

For this scene we have a barge on which we will stage the “fire”.

This will be surrounded and assisted by a flotilla of commercially qualified technical support team. Continue reading

Battlecruiser Kongo

From David Erickson, Simon’s Town Historical Society

One hundred years ago, on the 22nd September 1913, the largest warship in the world entered False Bay and anchored North West of the Breakwater Lighthouse. Flying the Rising Sun, ensign of the Imperial Japanese Navy, at her stern, this was the 27,500 ton battlecruiser Kongo, which had been built by the Vickers shipyard at Barrow-in-Furness (UK), at a cost of £3,000,000 (equivalent to about R2.7 billion at today’s value).

Kongo 02b

Photo courtesy of Simon’s Town Museum

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Reminder: Ocean Clean-up Dives – Saturday 21st September


False Bay Yacht Club will be the venue for this year’s Ocean Clean-up Dives.
Plastics SA will be their main partner and sponsors like Pick n Pay and Reef are already lined up for some goodies and refreshments.


False Bay Yacht Club – Simon’s Town

Where: False bay Yacht Club parking area, Simon’s Town
When: Saturday 21st September 2013 from 08h00-11h00.

Registration from 08h00-08h30.
08h45-09h00 : Divers will enter the water for a maximum of one hour clean-up dive, and out of water by 10h30 at the latest.
Hang around when you come out of the water, as prize giving is at 11h00.

Please register beforehand and email your name and contact details to and use “2013 clean-up” as a subject.

OMSAC & FBUC will be joining forces. OMSAC contact will be Carel van der Colff and FBUC Lindy-Lou Love.

(Image : Sharon Martin)

New Marine Pollution Inspectorate

There is a rumour that a new marine pollution inspectorate is being formed.

The opportunity to make use of the considerable experience of certain charismatic marine megafauna is being considered by the authorities.

Preliminary results from a pilot project, already underway in the Naval Harbour in Simon’s Town, are very encouraging.

In the photograph, one of the inspectors is celebrating the cleanliness of the ocean environment within the harbour, with a characteristic jump for joy!

Whale in ST Harbour Thanks to Peter Smith for passing on the photo .

RML Gun Middle North Battery Firing

If you are anything like me, a 9 inch Rifled Muzzle Loading (RML) gun won’t mean much to you. However, with Simon’s Town’s Naval history, we have some rather unusual and rare sights on our doorsteps. Take a walk up to the Middle North Battery, part of the Coastal Defense System of the Cape Peninsula, and you will find a 9 inch RML gun. The Battery was established in 1892 and strategically overlooks Simon’s Town and False Bay.

Gun 2

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SAS Pietermaritzburg

HMS Pelorus (J291)

From Boet Dommisse, Simon’s Town Historical Society.

The area off Miller’s Point, where the SAS Pietermaritzburg was sunk and “buried” by the SA Navy in November 1994, has now been declared a National Heritage Site.

The ship was originally the ocean minesweeper HMS Pelorus. During World War II, she led the armada on the D-Day invasion of Normandy on 6th June 1944.

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Navy News

NNS Thunder (Source Wikipedia)


The Nigerian Naval Ship (NNS) Thunder arrived in Simon’s Town yesterday afternoon and will stay until 24 August. The purpose of the stop-over is to allow a rest and recuperation for the ship’s company en route to Australia.  Official courtesy calls will be conducted with Naval and Civilian authorities. This is the first African warship to visit SA since the Navy 75 Anniversary Celebrations, where we had two warships from Kenya.

The ship will be participating in the 2013 Australian International Fleet Review, the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy’s fleet arrival in Sydney Harbour on 4 October 1913.

Coastal Law Enforcement

Successful law enforcement on our coasts require speedy response and effective cooperation between various agencies to close gaps in coverage at sea.

MarineLawEnforcement2This was the case in early July when suspicious activities were noticed on the water in the vicinity of the naval harbour wall. Prompt action and good liaison meant that the SA Navy, SAN Parks, SAPS Water Wing and the Institute for Maritime Technology were able to work together to successfully identify and apprehend these suspected perlemoen poachers.

In the future we will also have the City’s Marine Law Enforcement Unit based on the Simon’s Town coast, so that our threatened marine resources will be increasingly well protected.

Suspicious activities at sea can be reported to:
021 596 1999

HMS Argyll


The HMS Argyll, a Royal Navy Frigate, is in port and will be staying for several weeks, whilst the ship undergoes maintenance and the crew gets a well-deserved break.

Visiting ships are very important to the health and wealth of our town. The ships crew have already been cycling, hiking and paddling, and the Facebook pages have been buzzing with positive comments.