Far South Peninsula Community Forum Report : Facing Facts

The Far South Community Forum is the joint voice of several civic, community and environmental member organizations in the Far South Peninsula; Clovelly, Fish Hoek, Imhoffs Gift, Kommetjie, Misty Cliffs, Noordhoek, Ocean View, Scarborough, Simon’s Town, Smitswinkel Bay, Sunnydale, Sun Valley.

What is the Far South?  The Far South comprises the Cape Peninsula south of
Chapman’s Peak, Silvermine Mountain and Kalk Bay, and its 85 km of coastline.
The Far South is characterised by spectacular mountains, varied coastlines, wetlands, dunes. and one of the richest assemblages of biodiversity, including plants, mammals, and marine, insect, amphibian, bird and reptile species.  85% of the Far South has been declared protected land in terms of various national and international legislation: World Heritage Site, Table Mountain National Park, Cape Peninsula Protected Natural Environment. A population of approximately 100 000 people inhabits the remaining 15% of land.

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“Punch on the nose” for the Great white now tested at Glencairn beach

A way of keeping sharks away from our False Bay coastline and making sure that all people enjoying our beautiful beaches and ocean can do so safely, while at the same time not harming or killing ANY marine life, including our incredible sharks, is like a dream come true for many people.

Now the KwaZulu Natal Sharks Board Maritime (KZNSB) are testing an innovative shark repellent technology on Glencairn beach that one day might make this happen. The technology uses the shark’s sensitivity to relatively weak electrical fields through the electro receivers on the shark’s head.

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Our Whales are Back!

Yesterday, the Simon’s Town Boat Company wrote on their Facebook page.

Oh what a Day!
A mating pod of 5 Southern Right whales alongside our boat, when suddenly one breached right next to them – splashing them & us. This was followed by at least a further 8 breaches.

And they were certainly not joking – what a sight! Thanks for sharing!

Pictures © by Simon’s Town Boat Company.

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle – Keynote presentation at the Energy Innovation Summit – “No Blue, No Green”

Dr. Sylvia A. Earle – Explorer in Residence of the National Geographic Society and Founder, Mission Blue

Members of the Simon’s Town Coastal Forum had the privilege to attend Dr. Earle’s talks during her visit to South Africa last year.

Her messages, and her work with Mission Blue ( http://mission-blue.org/ ), are a constant inspiration to all who care for our oceans, and marine-life in general.

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Junior Whale Spotter Workshops

A Whale of a Heritage Route are once again organising a series of Junior Whale Spotter Workshops between March and August 2014. The workshops are aimed at children aged 7 to 14 and their parents with an interest to learn more about whales and dolphins that frequent our waters. At the end of the workshop, the youngsters will receive a whale spotter card that also has some retail benefits for both the kids and their parents.

There is roughly one workshop per month in the False Bay area and dates & venues of these workshops can be found on the Whale of a Heritage Route website.

Cost: R25 per child & senior and R50 per adult.

Curriculum links: Life Skills, Gr 6 (caring for animals); Natural Sciences & Technology, Gr 5 (reproduction); Gr 6 (Eco-systems & food webs).

Junior whale spotter workshops

Marine Protected Areas

Due to various and increasing threats to marine ecosystems globally, the calls to manage and protect vast areas of the ocean are growing louder.

This informative article was released by PEW in October:
A Rising Tide: A Statement of Support by Scientists for the Designation of the First Generation of Great Marine Parks Around the Globe.

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Film shoot at Long Beach, Simon’s Town: Thursday 14 Nov ’13

This notice serves to inform Simon’s Town residents that this week, on either Thursday 14th or Friday 15th November, the filming of part of the television series “SAF3”, will continue on Long Beach.

In this story the rescue team has to deal with an “Independence Day” fireworks demonstration that goes wrong. The barge on which the fireworks are based catches alight and the SAF3 team have to rush to their aide.

For this scene we have a barge on which we will stage the “fire”.

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The Wreck of the Brunswick

In 1805, the English East Indiaman, the Brunswick, was captured by the French off Port du Galle, Ceylon and brought across the Indian Ocean as a prize to Simon’s Town, then in Dutch and French hands. On 2 September, the anchor cables parted under a south-east gale and the ship ran aground in 10 metres of water on the west side of Simon’s Bay (near to where the Redhill Road meets the coast). Its cargo of sandalwood was recovered and sold, and the wreck was then left to the mercy of the sea.

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