The ‘Gatvol’ Petition has 3000 signatures! Now please attend the follow up meeting


More than 3000 people signed the ‘Gatvol’ Petition!!

are invited to a meeting with officials from the City of Cape Town
Monday 18 April, 18h00hrs
Fish Hoek Town Hall

Residents are asking the City why traffic is at a standstill, why schools in the Far South are overflowing, why there are insufficient clinics in the area, and why the Far South is being neglected when it comes to public transport?

Why does the Mayor continue to approve new developments in the congested Far South Peninsula?

This is your chance to express your concerns and suggest solutions to City Officials. All are welcome.

Glencairn Heights Neighbourhood Newsletter

The festive season is upon us and criminal activity will increase as people leave their homes for their annual holiday.

As a Neighbourhood watch we need a clearly defined strategy.  With the help of a few members we came up with a 3 phase strategy.  This is a long term plan with goals that cannot all be implemented immediately. The following is a short synopsis of the proposed strategy.

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Alderman JP Smith (CoCT Safety and Security Portfolio) at ST Community Police Forum Public Meeting

On Monday, 24th February we look forward to welcoming Alderman JP Smith to Simon’s Town to speak to residents on the CoCT’s Neighbourhood Watch Programme.

Aldm JP Smith, CoCT mayco member for Safety and Security

Aldm JP Smith, CoCT Mayco member for Safety and Security

Ald. Smith will be speaking at the Community Police Forum’s Public Meeting, which will be held in the Library Hall (opposite the Police Station) in Simon’s Town and starts at 18h00 sharp.

JP Smith has served the City of Cape Town as a councillor since the year 2000 and is the Mayco member for the Safety and Security portfolio. Under his leadership, the metro police and emergency services have been rebuilt, and now deliver an excellent and reliable service!

This is your opportunity to directly ask Alderman Smith questions about the ‘lack of service’ Metro Police, Traffic Services and Law Enforcement delivers to our area.

Please ask your neighbours and friends in Simon’s Town to attend as well.  It would be great to have a large turnout of residents.

Simon’s Town Sector 1 NHW Report Back

Simon’s Town Sector 1 Crime Sub-Forum (Neighbourhood Watches) – 12 February 2014

Residential break-ins up

New Picture (1)

Residential house break-ins went up from 1 to 15 during the period 8th January and 11th February.  They are happening all over the valley, but you are asked, especially with the warm weather, not to leave windows without burglar bars open and to set your alarms at night.  Also, please do not leave anything (such as wallets, keys, laptops, iPad or tablets – small valuable items) within an arm’s or pole’s length from open windows and doors (even with security doors).  It seems that these criminals are out to get small items which are easily disposed of/sold on to buy drugs!  So, please be aware and report any incident to the police insisting on an OB (Occurrence Book) number when you do and also a case no. (you will need to give a statement) so that the crime gets investigated.  Getting an OB no. will ensure that it is written in the Occurrence Book.  Also, when reporting suspicious incidents, insist that you are given an OB no.!

Land Invasions – be alert

You are asked to be on the look-out for any land invasions in our area, especially on large open areas.  It is imperative that you report this to the police immediately as a shack which is not demolished within 24hrs can not be taken down!  If you suspect any unusual activity on a plot or land close to you, please call the Simon’s Town Police on 021 786 8646 immediately!

Hi-jacking in Cape Town on the increase

Finally, please be aware that hi-jacking incidents has gone up dramatically in the Cape Metropole, from 1 to 22 in the past couple of weeks.  Police have asked residents to be very aware of their surroundings when driving anywhere in the City!  The exact modus operandi is unknown at this time, but if any further information become available, I will pass it on.

Film shoot at Long Beach, Simon’s Town: Thursday 14 Nov ’13

This notice serves to inform Simon’s Town residents that this week, on either Thursday 14th or Friday 15th November, the filming of part of the television series “SAF3”, will continue on Long Beach.

In this story the rescue team has to deal with an “Independence Day” fireworks demonstration that goes wrong. The barge on which the fireworks are based catches alight and the SAF3 team have to rush to their aide.

For this scene we have a barge on which we will stage the “fire”.

This will be surrounded and assisted by a flotilla of commercially qualified technical support team. Continue reading

Accommodation Sharing Sessions in Simon’s Town

The Simon’s Town Business Association organised the 1st Accommodation Sharing Session at Mariner Guesthouse in Simon’s Town on Tuesday this week. It was agreed by all present that there should be a regular Accommodation Get-togethers to Network and to discuss issues of common interest.

The get-togethers will take place at a different Accommodation Establishment every time to give each one an opportunity to show case their business.  Further details will be discussed at the next Sharing Session at Whale View Manor on Thursday, 28 November 2013, 11:00 – 13:00.  RSVP:  By Monday, 25 November for catering purposes.  Pls let Dominique of Whale View Manor know directly if you would like to attend the next get-together:

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Could you stop in time?

How do you drive? do you drive in a built up area?  Are you aware of adults and kids who walk along the road, or play on the pavement?  Are you aware of animals, wild or domesticated that may dart out between cars or from under hedges?  Or is your attitude one of indifference: as long as I can get to where I need to go, I’m not responsible for what happens ahead of me?

Do we have a responsibility?

We live in a world where owning a motor vehicle is mostly the norm and living where we do, in the Far South Peninsula, with limited public transport, often a necessity!

But being the driver of a vehicle, any vehicle, comes with responsibilities.  Firstly, a responsibility to yourself to make sure you get safely from A to B.  Secondly, a responsibility to your passengers, to make sure they arrive safely at their destination.  Next, a responsibility to other users of the road, that you don’t put them in a dangerous position by the way you drive.  And finally, you have a responsibility towards pedestrians, that they can be safe when crossing or walking along a street or road and not have their lives endangered.

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Think like a criminal to make your home less of a target

On Tuesday morning, 13th August 2013, Kieno Kammies, morning host on CapeTalk 567, interviewed Prof. Rudolph Zinn.  Below is what was posted on the CapeTalk website about this interview, as well as a link to the podcast of the interview on the website. It makes interesting reading and listening.

HomeInvasionYesterday we got a call from Abigail who told us about her block of flats in Sea Point, which has a very low wall, and while she has a security gate, she never uses it. She said that she has never been affected by crime in all the years that she’s lived there. Many other callers phoned in, to tell similar stories of how they have escaped being victims of crime, living in homes that have no state of the art security systems installed, and not being targeted by crime.

So what do criminals look for when they decide where to break in? Are high walls and security fencing really a deterrent, or is it better to have an unassuming property that doesn’t attract robbers to the possible riches they perceive to be inside? Prof Rudolph Zinn wrote a book about what robbers are looking for, published in 2010. It’s called “Home Invasion: Robbers Disclose What You Should Know”.

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Are you a Member of your Neighbourhood Watch?

Can you answer the above question with a resounding ‘Yes’?

Or, are you one of the many residents in the Simon’s Town/Glencairn area who are not even aware that there are Neighbourhood Watches (NHW)?

NeighbourhoodWatchLogoIt would be so wonderful if more residents joined a NHW in their area and got involved in the safety and security of their home, their property, their street, their neighbourhood and finally their town!  Often the comment is heard, ‘I pay taxes so that the police make sure that we are secure and safe. I don’t think it’s right that we as citizens do that!’

Unfortunately, those days are gone when a police force ensure we could all sleep safe in our beds at night!

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ATM Fraud


ATM fraud continues in Simon’s Town with tourists in particular being targeted. Do not let your card out of your hands, do not accept help at an ATM, do not assist anyone at an ATM. A request for assistance can be a ploy to distract you. Suggest that the person requesting help asks one of the security guards for assistance. All crimes must be reported to the Simon’s Town SAPS.

Watch this short video to see an example of how the crooks work together to distract you and steal your card.