Could you stop in time?

How do you drive? do you drive in a built up area?  Are you aware of adults and kids who walk along the road, or play on the pavement?  Are you aware of animals, wild or domesticated that may dart out between cars or from under hedges?  Or is your attitude one of indifference: as long as I can get to where I need to go, I’m not responsible for what happens ahead of me?

Do we have a responsibility?

We live in a world where owning a motor vehicle is mostly the norm and living where we do, in the Far South Peninsula, with limited public transport, often a necessity!

But being the driver of a vehicle, any vehicle, comes with responsibilities.  Firstly, a responsibility to yourself to make sure you get safely from A to B.  Secondly, a responsibility to your passengers, to make sure they arrive safely at their destination.  Next, a responsibility to other users of the road, that you don’t put them in a dangerous position by the way you drive.  And finally, you have a responsibility towards pedestrians, that they can be safe when crossing or walking along a street or road and not have their lives endangered.

It’s the last group of people that are most entitled to our awareness!

Have you ever had to stop suddenly?  STOP SUDDENLY!

Think about it:  there you are, driving along, thinking of that first glass of wine or of having a bath before dinner, you just want to get home.  Your driving speed:  60km!  And you’re driving in a built up area, 20km above the speed limit!  Your mind’s not on the road, nor are you aware of the kids playing in the park before supper time, or the sudden appearance of someone’s cat galloping across the road, the confusion of guinea fowl where one of them is always on the wrong side of the street.brakingstoppingdry.ashx

Then suddenly it happens:  45m ahead of you a young child, oblivious of you and your car, darts between vehicles to cross the road to her home, her friend …!


Below is a video graphically illustrating how long it will take you to stop when you are driving at 20, 50, and 60km per hour.  Watch it if you dare and then think again when you drive over the speed limit in a built up area!  Could you, can you, live with the guilt?

Please let us know what you think.

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